South East Greenway

Distance: 24k
New Ross – Waterford City

South East  Greenway

**Due for Completion 2023**

Work on the South East Greenway has started. It is due to be complete in 2021. The greenway will link New Ross and Waterford City.

The new Greenway will be 24km long and will primarily benefit tourism in New Ross and Waterford city.

The new greenway will travel along the old railway line linking New Ross, Co Wexford and Waterford City.

The Railway line was closed on the 18th September 1963. The line was closed due to low passenger numbers.

Point of interest Kilkenny Greenway

  • New Ross
  • Waterford City
  • Bellview Port

Funding for the Greenway

Kilkenny County Council is seeking the majority of the funding for the project. In June 2019 Kilkenny County Council secured €8m from the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport.

Naming the Greenway

The Greenway is a joint venture between Kilkenny, Wexford and Waterford County Councils. While the 3 councils are backing the project, it primarily passes through County Kilkenny.

Media reports in the Irish Independent claim that Kilkenny County Council hijacked the project which starts in New Ross and called the project the Kilkenny Greenway without consultation with Wexford County Council. At some stage this Kilkenny County Council adopted the more appropriate name of the South East Greenway

More about this site

This website is all about promoting the Greenways in Ireland including the Kilkenny Greenway and the businesses that are part of the greenway or close to it.

In the coming months, we hope to launch detailed information on the following.

Where is the South East Greenway

The route of the new greenway in south Kilkenny has been confirmed. More details about the route can be found on this page

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