Abbeyfeale to Listowel Greenway

Abbeyfeale – Listowel

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About Abbeyfeale to Listowel Greenway

The Listowel to Abbeyfeale Greenway is a stunning 16-kilometer trail that stretches between two beautiful towns in County Kerry. Nestled between the Stack Mountains to the south and the foothills of Mullaghareirk Mountains to the north, this trail offers unspoiled views of the surrounding landscape of pasturelands, fertile valleys, rolling hills, and heather boglands.

The trail is part of the Kingdom of Kerry Greenway and starts in the lively market town of Listowel. Visitors can explore the town’s rich history, which is steeped in literary heritage, by visiting the Seanchaí Literary and Cultural Centre, the Listowel Castle, and the Listowel Racecourse, which is famous for its annual seven-day racing festival.

The Listowel to Abbeyfeale Greenway is also an excellent way to connect with nature and explore the stunning scenery of County Kerry. Along the way, visitors can enjoy a variety of landscapes, from the lush greenery of the countryside to the picturesque views of the River Feale.

As visitors follow the trail, they will come across several picnic tables and benches, offering a peaceful and tranquil place to stop and take in the beautiful scenery. These rest areas are perfect for those looking to take a break, snap some photos or have a picnic.

The trail ends at Abbeyfeale, a lively town that is home to the beautiful Franciscan Friary and the nearby Crag Cave, a popular tourist attraction. Abbeyfeale is also a great place to explore the local shops and cafes, which offer visitors a taste of traditional Irish hospitality.

For those looking to continue their journey, the Listowel to Abbeyfeale Greenway connects with ‘The Limerick Greenway,’ which continues on for another 40 kilometers through the market towns of Abbeyfeale, Newcastle West, and Rathkeale, and northwards to the townland of Ballingarrane.

Overall, the Listowel to Abbeyfeale Greenway is a must-visit trail for those who want to explore the stunning beauty of County Kerry. Whether visitors are looking to connect with nature or explore the region’s rich history and culture, this trail offers something for everyone.

Abbeyfeale to Listowel Greeenway