Grand Canal Greenway

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Grand Canal  Greenway

The Grand Canal is 132km in length and connects Dublin with the River Shannon via Tullamore and a number of other towns and villages. The canal was built to transport cargo. The last time it carried commercial cargo was in 1960. 

Grand Canal Greenway Co. Dublin

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Grand Canal Greenway Co. Kildare

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Grand Canal Greenway Co. Offaly

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Grand Canal  Greenway Kildare

grand canal greenway

Kildare County Council proposed in 2018 to build t a shared walking and cycling greenway through the county. 

The proposal consisted of:

  • Improvement and upgrading of the existing towpath along the Grand Canal through the provision of a suitable surface i.e. Quarry Dust, Surface Dressing or Asphalt (Tarmac) depending on local conditions for pedestrian and cyclist use.
  • Provision of traffic safety measures and signage to facilitate safe pedestrian and cycling crossings and access to shared surfaces
  • Provision of access controls (pedestrian / cycling friendly gates) road markings, traffic calming measures, ducting and associated drainage works on the proposed cycle / walk way.
  • Provision of route signage boards and marker/distance posts along the proposed route. The route signage boards will be located at main access points onto the route in towns and villages, while marker/distance posts will be installed at 5km intervals.

Grand Canal  Greenway Dublin

grand canal greenway


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