Code of Best Practice for National and Regional Greenways

Code of Best Practice for National and Regional Greenways

Kilkenny County Council is  invitating  members of the public to participate in the selection of a preferred route corridor for the essential South to North Access Roa of the South East Greenway

In their ongoing effort to improve connectivity and accessibility, the council has developed six distinct route corridor options, all aimed at seamlessly connecting Abbey Road to Belmont Road. The selcted route will be important to the South East Greenway as it will most likely form a future access point and car park for the greenway

Written by Kieran Kelly

December 17, 2021

The Code of Best Practice provides comprehensive information for landowner/property owners, project promoters and other stakeholders. It contains an innovative approach to land acquisition involving early engagement with landowners/property owners to facilitate the acquisition of land by Voluntary Land Acquisition Agreements enabling the landowner/property owners to avail of a greenway sustainability payment for their early engagement and cooperation. Securing cooperation of Landowner/Property owners and acquiring lands by voluntary agreements was inherent throughout the development of the code. The agreed Code of Best Practice for National and Regional Greenways outlines the procedures and processes for landowner/property owners to be treated fairly throughout the development of Greenways.

The Code of Best Practice for National and Regional Greenways addresses all elements of a Greenway Project, from inception to completion detailing recommendations for each stage from Consultation, Route Options, Design, Environmental Assessment, Land Acquisition and payment structure, provision of accommodation works, provision of Agronomists, Construction work including supervision during construction works, reinstatement work and maintenance work.
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Kieran Kelly
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