Get involved in the final piece of the jigsaw for Dublin – Galway Greenway

Kilkenny County Council is  invitating  members of the public to participate in the selection of a preferred route corridor for the essential South to North Access Roa of the South East Greenway

In their ongoing effort to improve connectivity and accessibility, the council has developed six distinct route corridor options, all aimed at seamlessly connecting Abbey Road to Belmont Road. The selcted route will be important to the South East Greenway as it will most likely form a future access point and car park for the greenway

Written by Kieran Kelly

February 5, 2021

After stalling for over 5 years, it finally looks like the long awaited Greenway between Dublin and Galway could finally progress to completion. The final section for completion is the Athlone to Galway route. How Athlone will link to Galways is yet unknown, but a public consultation hope to move that decison foward. 

A virtual public consultation is set to take place to gather input from the public on the final phase of the project. 

The design team have chosen 5 route corridors and are presenting these to the public. Once all information is gathered a preferred route will be chosen to proceed to the Preferred Route Consultation due to take place in mid 2021.

If we get to that stage it is then hoped to consult with landowners of that proposed route for their feedback.

More information about the consultation process and the timelines can be found on the dedicated consultation website.

How to make a submission on the Dublin – Galway Greenway.

If you wish to make a submission you can do so via in a number of ways. Submission must be made before the 1st of March 2021. To make a submission,

  • Visit the Virtual consultation room.
  • By Email to
  • By Post to
    Galway to Athlone Cycleway Project Office,
    Society Street
    County Galway,
    H53 T320

Still got Questions about the proposed greenway?

If you have any question or concerns about the new section of the greenway, you can also meet with the team via phone or virtual meeting. Meetings can be booked via the consultation website.

 All routes have their benefits but unfortunatly they can not all proceed at this moment. 

Whichever route is chosen we hope to see this vital piece of infrasture completed as soon as possible. 


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