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maynooth to confey greenway

Kilkenny County Council is  invitating  members of the public to participate in the selection of a preferred route corridor for the essential South to North Access Roa of the South East Greenway

In their ongoing effort to improve connectivity and accessibility, the council has developed six distinct route corridor options, all aimed at seamlessly connecting Abbey Road to Belmont Road. The selcted route will be important to the South East Greenway as it will most likely form a future access point and car park for the greenway

Written by Kieran Kelly

September 1, 2021

Kildare County Council are currently accepting tenders for the construction work of the Royal Canal Greenway from Maynooth Harbour to Confey.

The closing date for acceptance of tenders is 29-09-2021 17:00

Construction will take up to 1 year once contracts have been signed. 

The contruction will involve:
Site clearance;
• Provision of a new paved surface on sections of the northern canal bank only, including widening of
the towpath at certain locations, and construction of deviations from the existing towpath;
• Provision of a new grit surface on sections of the northern canal bank only, including widening of the
towpath at certain locations;
• Raising of existing quay wall coping at Maynooth Harbour and installation of pedestrian guardrail;
• Minor upgrading of the road network local to the scheme including provision of traffic calming signs /
markings, kerbing, uncontrolled crossing facilities and signal controlled toucan crossing facilities;
• Construction of a shared pedestrian and cycle track along the south side of the R148 between Pike
Bridge and Deey Bridge;
• Installation of additional facilities to improve the amenity value of the canal (picnic tables, benches,
fishing stands, cycle parking stands, cycle counters, bike maintenance stands, etc);
• Installation of access gates and fencing;
• Provision of public lighting and associated ducts/columns;
• Provision of spare ducting and other utility works to facilitate the scheme;
• The establishment of all necessary traffic management to complete the works safely;

Kieran Kelly
Author: Kieran Kelly


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